We are the Seminarfach English and Career and took the chance to visit the University of Cambridge - one of the most renowned in the world - for three days in the first week of school.

Our trip started at Bremen Airport at 5:30am. After having arrived in Stansted, UK, when the border officials had already laughed at our ID pictures, we just had to get to Cambridge by train. Although we almost missed it, we found ourselves in Cambridge safe and sound, ready for the walk to our rooms that were right in the center of Cambridge, just across the street from St John’s College, our opportunity in Cambridge to learn about its University.

Our connection to the College, Dr Dörrzapf, welcomed us and gave us the most important information about the University, the College and their aims. On the second day, we had the great chance to get to know the application process which is quite different from the one we have here. An interview is necessary to be given an offer, which is why we played through such, him being the interviewer and our course the applicant.

As Mr Dörrzapf is responsible for representing St John’s College to us, he was not just giving us these seminars but also a tour across campus and the library. We got a quick overview of the new library and the working space for students just after we were shown the beautiful old library guarded by a librarian (she told us to keep our bags away and not to touch the sometimes very old and fragile books). Afterwards, another lady, Maggie, gave us a tour around Cambridge. We looked at different colleges, their history and as grand finale we were able to visit the huge chapel of King’s College. By climbing up the tower of St Mary’s church we got a stunning view over Cambridge and its many colleges.

Also, we were allowed to explore Cambridge by ourselves in our leisure time. This helped us getting an idea of the British culture. It is in some cases, even though Great Britain is a part of Europe, quite different from the German one and we got to know that. Besides visiting the enormous Museum of Art, it was mostly the daily-life things. Not only do the people dress themselves differently – sometimes either strange or other times more fashionable – but also is the food culture unalike ours. In Cambridge, we had the pleasure of eating in various restaurants ranging from Asian through American to typical British food and British cafés, in which some of us had some very British tea-time. Another difference we got to experience was the currency, which in Britain is pound. Nearly every one of us had to get used to the different looking coins we were supposed to pay with during our visit and sometimes this made us take a little longer to pay than usual.

Not mentioning the flight back home that cost us our nerves, it was an informative trip filled with experiences and we would very likely recommend to those who are interested in gaining an insight into a different culture and language and maybe even getting to know a university abroad once in their life.

C. Binder, M. Bunce, M. Behrens


Ein Kurs zu Besuch in einer der renommiertesten Universitäten der Weltder University of Cambridge

Wir waren nur drei Tage zu Besuch, aber wie ist es wohl, drei Jahre lang dort zu studieren?!
Die University of Cambridge ist weltweit bekannt und eine der renommiertesten Universitäten überhaupt. Wir, das Seminarfach „English and Career“ von Ms Middelbeck hatten die Möglichkeit, im Januar 2018 das St. John’s College zu besuchen.

Dort haben wir gelernt, dass die Universität aus 31 einzelnen Colleges besteht, eines davon, das St. John’s College, galt für die drei Tage als unser Zuhause. Das St. John’s ist eines der drei größten und ältesten Colleges in Cambridge, noch dazu gehören das King’s College, dessen Campus auf jeder Postkarte zu sehen ist und das Trinity College.

Ja, Geld ist durchaus ein wichtiges Thema, wenn man überlegt in Cambridge -oder allgemein in England- zu studieren, aber wichtiger sind hier die Noten und die Begeisterung, die man für ein Fach aufbringt. Denn es gibt viele Möglichkeiten, finanzielle Probleme zu lösen, wenn man erst einmal angenommen wurde. Dabei sind das College und die Tutoren eine große Hilfe.

Mr Dörrzapf, der Dozent,  der uns über die Tage hinweg begleitete, erzählte uns von den Zielen des St. John’s College, den Leistungen, die die Studenten erbringen müssen, aber auch von den vielen außerschulischen Aktivitäten, wie zum Beispiel Sportveranstaltungen und Wettbewerbe zwischen den Colleges sowie Clubs und AGs, die Studenten selbst ins Leben gerufen haben. 

In den drei Tagen, die wir in Cambridge verbrachten, haben wir viel über das St. John’s College gelernt und konnten uns einen guten Einblick in das Studentenleben verschaffen. Wir hatten eine sehr interessante Stadttour, bei der wir vieles über die Geschichte Cambridges und die Universität gelernt haben. Zudem war Maggie, unser tour guide, unglaublich nett und hat uns mit vielen Witzen über das typisch nasse englische Wetter durch Cambridge gebracht.
In unserer Freizeit konnten wir uns frei durch Cambridge bewegen und es selbstständig erkunden, natürlich durften kleine Shopping-Trips in die Innenstadt, Burger Essen mit dem ganzen Kurs und private Tee-Treffen auf den Zimmern nicht fehlen! 

Als wir uns am Donnerstagabend wieder auf den Weg nach Stansted machten, um zurück nach Bremen zu fliegen, entschied unser Kurs einstimmig, dass, wenn wir die Chance hätten, nochmal zu gehen, es definitiv tun würden und es auch zukünftigen Jahrgänge empfehlen würden.

Denn es war einfach ÜÜÜBEL NICE!

A. Mehrtens, S. Burmester, D. Grabau, S. Allekotte


St.-Viti Students at World Class University

Have you ever thought about studying abroad? Especially at one of the most renowned universities in the world? The Seminarfach of Jana Middelbeck "English and Career" got the opportunity to do so. From 9th January to 11th January we went to Cambridge to visit the famous St. John’s College, which is one of 31 colleges of the University of Cambridge.

Tuesday, 9th January: On Tuesday morning, we got up at 3:00 in the morning to catch our flight at 7:00am at Bremen Airport. The flight to London Stansted took about one hour so that we arrived at the college around 10:00am. St. John’s College provided us with their guest rooms including a kettle and tea bags to create a perfect British atmosphere. At 2:00pm we had our first item on the agenda which was a lecture about the history, aims and education of St. John’s College and the University of Cambridge. Our temporary "tutor" was Dr. Dörrzapf. Cambridge University was founded in 1209 and now has about 19.500 students within 31 colleges in a radius of 3 kilometres in total. 12.000 students are undergraduate and about 7.500 are graduate students. But to be honest that number changes depending on the guide or tutor we had. Studying at St. John’s College is very difficult because you need to learn at high speed. For example, for one hour of lecture there need to be eight hours of work at home. After that, we had some leisure time and we decided to spend that time in our rooms having tea parties. In the evening, we had dinner together near our accommodation.

Wednesday, 10th January: We were provided with a free breakfast at 8 o’clock in St John’s. At 9:00am, we enjoyed a library tour through the library of St. John’s College. The college has two library parts, an old one and a new one. In the old part of the library, there were some books, which were hundreds of years old but that part of the library is rarely used by students nowadays. This was not the case in the other part of the library, the new one. Many thousands of books find space on several floors, sorted by subject. Even though we visited St. John’s during semester break, we still saw some students sitting in the library researching.

At 10:00am, we had a 90-minute guided city tour through Cambridge, St. John’s College and King’s College Chapel. Maggie, our guide, showed us St. John’s chapel where the world class choir of St. John’s sings, the outside of Trinity College where Isaac Newton studied and also the huge and extraordinarily beautiful chapel of King’s College. Afterwards, we had lunch and later on, from 2:00pm to 4:00pm we had another talk with Dr. Dörrzapf. He informed us about the admission process and the interviews as well as assessment at St. John’s College. We got to know that you need a 1.3 grade point average to be able to apply at St. John’s and if you can fulfil these conditions you might be invited to an interview. Dr Dörrzapf held a sample interview with the whole group, which was very interesting.

Thursday, 11th January: First item on the agenda: Breakfast at 9:00am. Then, we had to check out at St. John’s and went to a talk in the admissions office. There, we got a lecture where we got nearly the same information about the college but a little bit more compressed. As we finished that point we all went to Great St. Mary’s, a church, and got on top of the tower where we had a great overview of Cambridge and all its colleges. At 4:00pm we walked towards the Cambridge train station to catch our ride to London Stansted. Our flight took off an hour later than planned so the flight departed at 9:30pm and according to the time difference we arrived in Bremen at about 11:30pm.

All in all, it was a great experience to visit St. John’s College and we would recommend to do the project in the following classes as well. It is hard to study at the University of Cambridge but it is a great chance to get an overview of the local conditions there.

M. Zarth, M. Rösner, J. Albers

Unser Programm in Cambridge

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