Our first day in England - Brighton

After our overnight stay in the host families in Brighton, we travelled through the city. The bus picked us up at the meeting point next to a supermarket near our homes and drove us to the Brighton Palace Pier.

At first, we took a group photo and then we wanted to visit the pier, but it was closed, so we went for a stroll through Brighton; along the way we stopped at a supermarket and saw Brighton’s historic main railway station. Next, we were walking through several alleys to get to the Royal Pavilion which is very beautiful, because it was built in Indian style from the outside, but Chinese and Indian from the inside.

After we had visited this palace, we walked back to the beach where we had our lunch picnic. It was lovely due to the nice weather and the blue sea where there were also many hungry seagulls. Afterwards, we had some free time to explore the Brighton Palace Pier on our own, at the other end of which there was something like an amusement park. The next thing we did, was a rally in small groups to get to know the city of Brighton, which (the rally itself) seemed a little bit superfluous to us, but all in all the time we were spending there was great. During the rally, we had some leisure to go shopping. Four hours later we met at the beach to compare the rally.

Before we returned to our meeting point, we had seen much of Brighton’s center and beach.

Written by: Dilani, Leif, Lena, Annalena, Jeanieshan


Our second day in England – London

On our second day in England we drove to London. In the morning we started at 8am and were driving to London for about two hours.

First, we had to wait for our guide, so we went to a shopping center. After that our guide Tim took us on to a sightseeing tour through London. We drove over the Tower Bridge crossing the river Thames. It was very impressive to see one of the most famous landmarks of London. On the bus tour, we also saw the Tower of London, the London Eye and Big Ben. Then, on our way to Oxford Street we passed Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus, where we saw some street artists and a big commercial screen. Also, we went through Regent Street, where expensive goods are sold. When we arrived at Oxford Street, we had some free time to go shopping. There were amazing and big shops. But sometimes we had to be careful when you crossed the street because of all the traffic.

Finally, we returned to our bus and drove back to Brighton, where our host families picked us up.

Written by: Melina, Thorben; Johanna, Dustin, Friedrich, Louis


Our third day in England - Hastings & Birling Gap / Beachy Head

(The Seven Sisters)

On our third day we went to Hastings and to the Birling Gap.

We drove to Hastings by bus and there we first had some free time. Thus, we went shopping in the little city centre and bought some sweets at the supermarket. Then we had a guided tour through the old town. It was somehow cold and windy that day. Our guide Molly told us about the history of the fishermen. We visited a museum placed in an old church and saw the steep railway. After that we visited the old town and looked through the narrow alleys which are called "twitten". They were made by the smugglers who transported their prey through them because they could hide there. Subsequently, we were “chilling” on the beach whereupon we drove to the Birling Gap. There, we first had our lunch picnic and some leisure time in the breezy air. After this refreshment we started our hike over the hills called "Seven Sisters" which was pretty exhausting, but the landscape at that place was truly impressive and the view over the ocean was beautiful. In some way it felt like we were connecting to nature.

At the end of that great day everybody was very tired.

Written by: Julina, Joy, Michelle, Toni, Henry, Antonia, Dominik


The fourth day of our class trip to England - London

On the fourth day of our unforgettable four-day-trip we went back to London as on the second day in England. We drove to Greenwich in the morning and near the Prime Meridian, there was a hill with a big statue on it and from there we had an amazing view over the park and the city of London. As known, there is the famous Prime Meridian in Greenwich, but we couldn't go to the exact point of it because this area was quite expensive, but that wasn't a big deal. Mr. Baumann told us that the founder of the Prime Meridian measured it and it was also enough to see it from outside. After havig taken pictures and visited the astronomy shops in the territory, we went down the hill and were all sitting on the grass in the park while the weather was very hot. There we had a picnic and listened to presentations of some of our students about sights in and around Greenwich.

Afterwards we took the water bus named Thames Clipper to our next stop. As we arrived, we crossed some streets and walked along some houses and buildings and eventually, we arrived at the "Walkie Talkie" and took a lift up to the Sky Garden, where we had a fantastic view over the city. There were also many plants and a restaurant. We stayed there for an hour, took pictures and had fun together. After having gone down, we took the Thames Clipper to Westminster. On our tour on the ship we enjoyed seeing the sights like the London Eye and Big Ben and took pictures of them, but they couldn't be seen very well because there were lots of building sites.

After a walk through Westminster we finally arrived at the Buckingham Palace and even the Queen was at home but unfortunately we couldn't see her. As we were very hungry after all the walking, we then went to restaurants to have dinner before hopping back onto the Thames Clipper in order to travel to the O2-Stadium where our bus was waiting for us. While we were returning to the bus, it started to rain which was a bit annoying at the end of the day, but in general, we had a great last day on our class trip even if the journey back to Germany was quite hard since we were driving all night.

Written by: Hannah, Safin, Anna, Henner, Luca, Merle und Jerre.

Den letzten Tag vor der Heimreise verbrachten die Schülerinnen und Schüler der Klasse 10L noch einmal in London. Heute stand neben der Visite des Buckingham Palace auch der Besuch des Skygarden im unverwechselbaren Hochhaus 20 Fenchurch Street an, das liebevoll auch "Walkie-Talkie" genannt wird. 

In diesem 38-stöckigen Hochhaus findet man nicht nur Europas höchsten Garten, sondern hat auch einen atemberaubenden Panoramablick über die britische Hauptstadt. So kann man sehr gut den Tower of London sowie die Tower Bridge sehen, eines der bekanntesten Wahrzeichen Londons. Den Abschluss der Fahrt bildete dann eine Schiffahrt über die Themse, bei der die Klasse London noch einmal aus einer ganz anderen Perspektive erlebten. Ziel war der Stadtteil Greenwich im Südosten Londons, wo man noch einmal einen beeindruckenden Blick auf die Skyline Londons hatte. Dieser Stadtteil ist es, der weltweit die Zeit angibt, denn hier verläuft der Nullmeridian und damit der Bezugspunkt für Datum und Weltzeit. Aber auch das Königliche Observatorium luden zu einem Besuch ein. Von dort traten alle die Heimreise mit dem Bus an. Wir wünschen eine gute Heimreise und freuen uns auf das Wiedersehen am Freitag vormittag. 

Am Mittwoch besuchten die Schülerinnen und Schüler der Klasse 10L die Stadt Hastings und erlebten die Seven Sisters, eine der eindrucksvollsten Klippen der South Downs in Sussex im Süden Englands. 

Am Dienstag besuchten die Schülerinnen und Schüler der Klasse 10L bei sonnigem Wetter London und durften den Flair der pulsierenden Hauptstadt mit ihren vielen Sehenswürdigkeiten erleben. 

Seit Sonntagabend befindet sich die Klasse 10L auf Klassenfahrt nach Brighton in England. Begleitet werden die Schülerinnen und Schüler von ihrem Klassenlehrer Herrn Baumann und den Englischlehrerinnen Frau Heinrich und Frau Naujoks für den Fachbereich Englisch.

Das Spezielle an dieser Fahrt ist, dass die Klasse 10L als Pilotklasse diese Sprachfahrt durchführt. 

In den kommenden Jahren ist nämlich geplant eine jährliche Sprachfahrt ins englischsprachige Ausland durchzuführen. Für diese Fahrt können sich dann Schülerinnen und Schüler bewerben und das Losverfahren entscheidet, wer an dieser Fahrt teilnimmt.

In der kommenden Woche führt dann die Klasse 10F eine Fahrt nach Frankreich durch. Auch diese Fahrt dient als Erprobung.

Die Klasse 10L startete also am Sonntag mit dem Bus und machte sich auf den Weg nach Calais, um dort mit der Fähre nach England überzusetzen. Als erstes konnten die Schülerinnen und Schüler die weißen Kreidefelsen von Dover bewundern bevor sie wieder festen Boden unter den Rädern hatten, die sie dann nach Brighton an der Südküste Englands brachten. Hier verbringen die Schülerinnen und Schüler die Woche bis zum 7. September in Gastfamilien. Ziel ist natürlich dabei die Verbesserung der Sprachkompetenz. Aber auch die Kultur darf selbstverständlich nicht zu kurz kommen. In den ersten Tagen wurden das Royal Pavillion Brighton und der berühmte Brighton Pear besucht, der bereits 1899 eröffnet wurde. Nur etwa eine Stunde Fahrt von London entfernt, ist die südenglische Stadt ein beliebter Urlaubsort. Die Klasse 10L wird in dieser Woche dann auch noch einen Ausflug nach London unternehmen, um die englische Hauptstadt kennen zu lernen. 

Text: Sal

Bilder: Hei, Nau